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Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


Azienda Agricola Alessandra Reppucci
C.da Bimmisca 96017 Noto (SR)

Organic (issued by the certification body CCPB)

Cultivation Area
Bimmisca Locality 96017 Noto (SR)
Sicily, Italy

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Moresca identifies a local and ancient sicilian cultivar of olive tree farmed by our Company in Bimmisca locality, reserve of the natural oasis of Vendicari in the district of Noto (Siracusa).

The cultivation of this variety is renowned due to its delicate and fruity taste, to its poor alternation and to its excellent relationship between pulp and stone, even if, on the contrary, the produced quantity of oil is not high.

The period of maturation of the olives is premature and the transition from green to black takes place gradually. The harvest takes place during the second week of September in order to obtain the best olfactory perception and the best oil quality, renouncing quantitative production, that would be greater at the right time of harvest, but with quality disadvantages.

The milling of the olives of this cultivar accomplishes the production of an extravirgin olive oil characterized by medium-high fruity intensity, with taste perceptions of green apple, freshly cut grass, green almond and tomato leaf or not too ripe tomato. The degree of bitterness and spiciness of our oil may change according to the degree of ripening of the fruit, even if there is a slight sweet sensation that balances the whole. The acidity level of our oil is very low, less than 0,27%, while the one allowed by Italian law is 0,80%.

The pressing takes place in a mill that uses the method of cold extraction and all the processes follow a technique developed by our master olive oil that aims to achieve the highest quality, to sum up, speeding up all the steps that go from the collection to the final separation of the olives… and some other little secrets. Eventually, the storage takes place in small stainless steel silos inertized with food nitrogen and kept at a temperature of about 16°C.

The colour of the extra virgin olive oil Brezza di Mare is a green that turns towards the gold colour, especially during the summer months after almost a year from the harvest.

Our extra virgin olive oil of Moresca cultivar, abounds with polyphenols and is therefore a healthy food and carries a lot of beneficial properties,it is perfect for the preparation of raw or cooked foods, fried food or desserts, salad condiment, first or also second courses based on meat, fish or vegetables, especially if steamed.


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